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“Those who can, do, and those who can do more, volunteer”


Volunteer Services primarily include:

  • Staffing and operating The Bargain Boutique Fine Thrift & Gifts
  • Assisting with community health screenings
  • Maintaining Lifeline program
  • Awarding an annual health related scholarship
  • Organizing semi-annual community blood drive


In the mid-1970’s a group of volunteers gathered together to start and operate a gift shop located within the hospital.  They made layettes, saved Betty Crocker stamps to purchase silverware for new babies, sold cookies and popcorn and helped patients with phone calls, newspapers and letters.

By 1978 the group reorganized and eventually opened a thrift shop, The Bargain Boutique, on Main Street in Quincy.  Proceeds were, and still are, used to help the hospital purchase equipment.  The group is proud to recount their first major donation in the mid-1980’s, new lobby furniture valued at over $2000.  Today, The Bargain Boutique is the main source of income for the volunteers. Over $600,000 has been donated to PDH for equipment and student scholarships.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Donna Griffin, Interim President
Sam Pence, President Elect                 
Denise Pyper, Treasurer         
Gloria Boland, Treasurer Elect                
Kathy Taylor, Corresponding Secretary
Kathy Price, Recording Secretary


Make a difference by donating to The Bargain Boutique Fine Thrift & Gifts.   Donors can drop off new and used items during normal business hours. The Bargain Boutique is located at 405 W. Main Street in downtown Quincy.

PDH Volunteers is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  Charitable donations are deductible as allowed by law.  A donor receipt is available upon request.

  • Furniture is accepted with approval from the Bargain Boutique Manager.
  • VCR’s, CD players, fans, radios and other small household appliances should be in good condition and electronically sound.
  • Plastic put-together toys, puzzles and arts must be complete and in their own boxes or Ziploc bags. No fast food toys or juice containers, please.
  • Stuffed animals should be like new, not stained or damaged.
  • Washers and dryers will not be accepted as our space is limited.
  • Mattresses are not accepted. California State law prohibits the resale of mattresses.
  • The Bargain Boutique cannot accept televisions, computers, printers, monitors or other electronic devices.



Since the mid-1980's, the Plumas District Hospital Volunteers have offered a medical alert service to residents who live within the Hospital district boundaries.  People from Quincy to Cromberg, the communities of Indian Valley and down the canyon to Belden can take advantage of the Philips Lifeline service.

Philips Lifeline is a 24-hour emergency response system that allows individuals to live on their own with confidence.

Philips Lifeline can benefit anyone living alone, the elderly, people recovering from surgery or illness, the disabled and those with medical conditions who may require attention at a moment’s notice.

Philips Lifeline operates through your telephone lines. The service currently costs $30 per month with a $20 installation fee.

For more information click here to download the PDHV Lifeline Brochure, or contact: Kathy Price at 283-1195 or Marilyn Christensen 283-0697


This year Plumas District Hospital Volunteers is offering two $1500 scholarships to two individuals pursuing a career in the health-related field.

To qualify, the applicant must have completed a minimum of one year of academic studies in a health-related curriculum or one year of employment in a health-related program, and be a resident or graduate of a high school within the Plumas or Indian Valley Hospital districts. 

Scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 school year are being accepted now.  

Scholarship Application 2020 Scholarship Application 2020 (33 KB)


Applications are also available at Plumas District Hospital, and at the Bargain Boutique on Main Street in Quincy. 

Completed applications must be signed, dated, and mailed to the following address by April 17, 2020.

Plumas District Hospital Volunteers
Attn: Brenda Lantow, Scholarship Chairman
P.O. Box 651
Quincy, CA 95971

If you have any questions, email Brenda at casablancabrenda@gmail.com

Scholarship Flyer 

Become A Volunteer

Being a volunteer gives the opportunity to give to others and give something back to the community.   Please complete the application to join and return it to the Bargain Boutique at 405 Main Street in downtown Quincy. 

Volunteer Membership Application Volunteer Membership Application (19 KB)

Support History

Volunteers Support Plumas District Hospital

1982-2017 Scholarships Presented   $58,500.00
1982-2010 Equipment Donations $362,296.00
2011 ER Power Gurney $12,781.46
  ER High Res. Monitor  $8,935.16
  Neo Blu Newborn Phototherapy Light $1,875.25
2012 Pflates Bio-Feedback Equipment  $21,000.00
  Transdermal Bilirubin Meter  $5,000.00
  Pediatric Push Cart  $1,800.00
2014 Digital Mammography  $40,000.00
2015 ER Central Station EKG $15,829.48
  Ambulance Fund  $20,000.00
2016 Adopt-A-Room (Labor & Delivery #103) $17,500.00
  Kitchen Range    $2,569.58
  “Jacqui’s Potty”   $950.63
2017 Sonosite Portable Ultrasound $38,918.76
  Pedi-Poser Chair  $4,181.00
  Adopt-A-Room (second room)    $18,500.00
2018 Lobby furniture in all seven (7) of our waiting rooms – main hospital lobby, radiology, laboratory, dental clinic, North Fork clinic, Quincy clinic and Indian Valley clinic $25,000.00
  New hospital beds and other inpatient room furniture     $44,357.05
  Vapotherm $7,752.95